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(Polski) Lab

(Polski) performance measurement and personal insights critical for designing lasting behaviour change.

(Polski) What gets measured gets managed

  1. (Polski) Measurement for motivation

    (Polski) Tracking progress makes repetitive actions more exciting and creates positive reinforcement.

  2. (Polski) Measurement for precision

    (Polski) Data driven, personal insights can help you craft individual high-performance strategy. Following a personalized plan will result in better and faster outcomes.

(Polski) We work with Oura Ring

(Polski) Oura Ring is an advanced wearable helps you align your lifestyle, activity and sleep to your individual circadian rhythm – the 24-hour genetic clock that regulates functioning of human body.

Oura’s guidance is based on your personal sleep, activity and physiological responses tracked over days, weeks and months. Key metrics include sleep timing, sleep stages, heart rate variability (HRV) and nocturnal skin temperature deviations.

Oura delivers personalized activity, recovery and sleep improvement strategies and gives daily indication how recovered and ready you are for the challenges of the day.

Oura ring app
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