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(Polski) Advance program

(Polski) a blended learning solution aimed at catalysing lasting behaviour change. Grounded in behavioural psychology research. Designed specifically for business professionals.

(Polski) Challenge

(Polski) You can rewire your brain, but you can’t do it overnight.

When you’re practicing a new habit, physical changes in your brain happen. New synaptic connections between your neurons are created. But you can’t make them strong overnight. Pathway reorganization takes time and consistent effort.

New knowledge is nice to have. New high-performance habits transform your impact.

Training events (including Wellcome Prime) are nice but not enough to design a durable habit change. Even if you experience a big ‚Aha’ moment in the seminar, it won’t rewire your brain. Physical brain change can only be triggered when new knowledge is consistently put into practice.

Advance solution

  1. (Polski) Structure
    (Polski) based on our research of 400+ leaders, in line with 80/20 rule, only the most critical strategies are prioritized and guided over the course of 8-week program.

  2. (Polski) Mobile platform
    (Polski) for engaging video learning content delivery.

  3. (Polski) Pragmatic microlearning
    (Polski) delivering small and relevant assignments that constantly fire synapses to build stronger neural pathways.

  4. (Polski) Human-based support system
    (Polski) leveraging the power of two, peer group or support from trainers can increase your success rate in habit change by 1/3rd.

  5. (Polski) Performance measurement
    (Polski) tracking individual physiological, habits or brain response data for accelerated progress and increased motivation.

  6. (Polski) Stunning giveaways
    (Polski) constantly reminding, anchoring and helping you to stay on top of your high-performance strategies and remotivating yourself.
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